Home At Last

Home sweet home.  We knew today was going to be a long and challenging day.  We knew we would not make the train, and there was a chance we would not make the shuttle bus to the train station, which means we would have to take an even later train.  Not to mention the issues with border crossing on the German side.  So we were prepared for drama today.  Having said that, it all went smooth, no drama – well almost no drama.  At the airport in London, while trying to lift my suitcase onto the conveyer belt for security screening, I managed to catch my pinky on the suitcase wheel and slice off a big chunk of the skin from my finger.  By the time I lifted my hand the blood was dripping  I could literally see the blood drain from the security guy’s face as he stated to turn green.  Eveliana was quick on the draw and pulled out a tissue out of her purse.  Someone raised the medical alert to get some bandages, and by now the tissue was also soaked with blood.  The good point of this is that I did not have to take my shoes off or my belt they just waived me though the gate.  The three security people on the other side of the scanner were weak in the knees too so they just told me to stand by the table and wait for some bandages. London drew the first blood on this trip, but unfazed we marched on.     This had to be a record breaking security check so far.  The rest of the trip went as planed, we got onto the shuttle, we got our train tickets moved to a later time and made it home by 10:30pm with no stress or unexpected surprises.  Great day, and a wonderful trip.


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