Hotel au Lion

This is  our little hotel we stayed at in Ribeauvillé in Alsace France over the weekend.  After lowering the bar significantly in London at Hotel Dumpshire this was not only a well deserved and great treat but a nice surprise.  The hotel is located on a quiet square with a fountain just about in the middle of town.  It might only be a 2 star hotel but it offers a 5 star service.  It’s spacious and clean, with crisp white sheets and comfy beds and huge white fluffy towels.    The host is a great source of knowledge about local things to do and see, and you can ask him about it in 3 languages.  We loved this place as did the kids and honestly would go back in a heartbeat.  For me, as far as small towns go, Ribeauvillé would be on par with San Gimignano in Italy with Bamberg being close third.  Considering we originally wanted to stay in Colmar, this proved to be a far better choice, off the beaten path, small, quiet and serene – just what you need on a quiet relaxing weekend trip.




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