Lions on the Prowl

This morning, for once, we were actually on time.  We made a conscious effort to be in the Land Cruiser by 6:30am to catch the best view of the sunrise, and we almost did.  Right by the car giraffes were grazing so we couldn’t just leave, it is so hard not to be impressed by these magnificent creatures.  Then we drove for what seems like forever, Manfred was quiet and obviously looking for something.  He stopped the car, picked up his binoculars and declared LIONS, then said HOLD ON, and we went flying across the valley.  What tipped him off were 3 giraffes frozen in their tracks  starring, hundreds of zebras and antelopes and gazelles, all stopped looking in the same direction.  Their attention was directed to 5 cubs and 3 female lions crossing the Savannah to seek some shade in the bushes.  They were casual and nonchalant,  quite aware of the fact that they own the place and when they are on the prowl – everything stops and pays attention.  What a magnificent sight.  Too bad about the camera not focusing fast enough to catch it all.  The rest of the morning was all about zebras, 100s and 100s and 100s of them just grazing and running around.



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