Nuremberg – Großgründlach

For the first time this week we managed to have an early dinner which was at 7:00 pm, this left us some free time to go out for  a walk around the neighbourhood.  The neighbourhood is an eclectic mixture of old homes, new houses, and historic homes that have been fully renovated but totally modernized inside.   There is a small castle on the lake and a 1000 year old church.  It’s quiet, its serene and it is as lovely as it is picturesque.  Most of all it is about 8 min drive to the centre of the city which is also great.










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  1. Mac Sokulski | May 18, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

    Fee sorry for you…All this old crapy just hanging around… at least here old crapy is barely a 100 years old, and you are missing spectacular prairies sunsets..

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