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Le Dauphine

A few steps away from the hotel on a quiet little street behind some government buildings is Le Dauphine.  A small bistro where we had dinner.  Long story short, if you are in Metz looking for a single portion of  steak tartar that is well spiced and large enough to feed a small village this […]

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French Trains

In short awesome. On our way back after a bit of wondering around Paris we settled in our comfy seats in the first class. This time we were served dinner which was: pasta salad with tomatoes, goat cheese and broad green beans. Grilled beef with rice and vegetable ratatouille. For dessert lemon tart. Wine, water, […]

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Breaking with Tradition

It is a beautiful Thanksgiving day in Nuremberg.  To keep up with Canadian tradition we got up early to start on the Thanksgiving dinner in particular our usual double baked butternut squash.  We have been making this for the last 15 years and no Thanksgiving was ever without this dish.  In fact is it the […]

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Food Olympics

Traveling means three things really – looking at great buildings and  overeating and taking pictures of good food we eat.  We got a suggestion  to go to the Beer House for a good traditional Czech dinner and that is what we did.   The beer is brewed in houses in a dizzying array of crazy […]

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Asserting Independence

Today we were treated to a fine 3 course meal prepared by Boris and Evelina.  They planned the menu, they prepared the entire meal and served it.  We were absolutely astonished not only at their zeal and dedication but also the actual planning and execution.  They chopped and sliced, mixed, fried, boiled, strained and served […]

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