Panifico Nazzareno


This is our local about 3 min walk from where we are staying in Rome.  We came here for breakfast all three days which varied between €7.00 to €24.00 – we also had dinner snacks here too which came to be about the same.  We absolutely love this place and love the food and service here.    Our last late breakfast early lunch included 3 cappuccino, 1 double espresso, a large fresh squeezed orange juice, 3 pastries, almost ½ kg of pizza, 4 cookies, two focaccia breads, large brownie, Chantilly  cream with wild forest strawberries and I am sure I am forgetting something else – basically cheap but oh so fresh and good.  This place is packed every day no matter what time of day we walk by it.   If you know where to go in Rome, this city is not expansive to visit but it can be.  Cappuccino here is €1.20, espresso is €1.00 large fresh squeezed OJ €2.50 – but you will not find a lot of tourists like us here, it is all locals.  Panifico Nazzareno is a coffee shop, bakery, pizzeria  and a restaurant.  Pizza is an all day long food in Italy just like baguettes are in France. Pizza in Rome can be bought as a round pie that we all know, it can be bought by weight around €15.00/kg or it can be bought by length as in 2 toppings, 1 meter long for €10.00.  The food is so cheap it is a joke to eat out unless you fancy some mothballs with your capucinno then Caffe Greco might be more up your alley.  We prefer, out of the way, local with no english menus places and so far they served as well.










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