Off to Cinque Terre

After a great Brunch we set  off for a 4 hour drive to Cinque Terre National Park on the Mediterranean.  None of us have been there so we are looking forward to it.  It is Sunday so there is almost no traffic as the big trucks are not allowed on the highways unless they carry parishables – needless to say the drive there was nothing short of spectacular.  The interesting thing about highways in Italy is that   you never see a police car lurking in the bushes just waiting to pounce on someone for speeding.  The speed limit is 130km/h most people go about 140km/h or so. Occasionally  you will see someone just ripping by – and soon after that a  police car in hot pursuit.  Today was the first time we saw police in hot pursuit of some chap in a BMW, needless to say he did not get far going fast.   In Germany it costs about €2000 to €3000 to get a driver’s license because driving lessons are mandatory.  I imagine Italy and the rest of Europe is the same.  Driving is a privilege and not a right and people respect that.  In Germany you can drive and have a beer at the same time, on every gas station you can buy a beer, have it and drive – and no one does, because if you cause an accident you are done.  Perhaps this is why people here drive so well, they are courteous and respectful and above all safe.  Driving in Europe is a great experience, driving in Rome on the other hand  is just pure madness….









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