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It's how the locals do it....

The Wardrobe Malfunction Paradigm

We have been on this adventure now for 421 days or  1 year, 1 month and 25 days.  It has to be said that we love being here and if it was possible we would stay here for good.  Europe is quite grand with its 1000 year old cathedrals and glorious piazzas amazing parks historical artifacts and […]

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Church of San Lorenzo

Like all the other villages this one too has its own little church.  The church, which was built in 1338, has a Gothic facade with a nice rose window, and a Baroque-style interior. On the facade, there is a bas-relief representing the martyrdom of San Lorenzo. On the XIVth-century triptych, you can see San Lorenzo […]

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Manarola may be the oldest of the towns in the Cinque Terre, with the cornerstone of the church, San Lorenzo, dating from 1338. The local dialect is Manarolese, which is marginally different from the dialects in the nearby area. The name “Manarola” is probably dialectical evolution of the Latin, “magna rota”.  In the Manarolese dialect […]

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Riomaggiore is the first village in Cinque Terre when travelling north from La Spezia. The village, dating back to early thirteenth century, is known for its historic character and its wine, produced by the town’s vineyards. Riomaggiore is in the Riviera di Levante region and has shoreline on the Mediterranean’s Gulf of Genoa, with a small beach and […]

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We had a busy day yesterday and today is not going to be any easier.  After an early breakfast we are grabbing a nice and quiet cappuccino on our patio before we set out on a boat cruise to Riomaggiore which is the last village of the Cinque Terre National Park.  We are going to […]

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Levanto is a small town on the fringes of Cinque Terre and it is where we are staying at Villanova Agriturismo.  Levanto  has a great beach and it is only about a 5 min train ride to Monterosso which is the first town in the Cinque Terre National Park going from North to South.  Like […]

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Unlike the other localities of the Cinque Terre, Corniglia is not directly adjacent to the sea. Instead, it is on the top of a peninsula about 100 metres high, surrounded on three sides by vineyards and terraces and the fourth side descends steeply to the sea. To reach Corniglia, it is necessary to climb the Lardarina, a long brick flight of […]

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Vernazza Beach

After a nice stroll through the village we decided to go under the mountain to the other side of town and hang out on the beach.  This is a rocky beach and since we did not bring the sand toys with us, we did what comes naturally to all  Canadians – building our versions of Inukshuks. It […]

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Our second stop is Vernazza which is a short train ride. First records recognizing Vernazza as a fortified town date back to the year 1080.   This village is completely different.  It has a different vibe, it is layer out differently with limited access to the water but it is perched more on the mountain […]

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The Cinque Terre –  “The Five Lands” comprises five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We are setting off on a train which goes between these 5 villages […]

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Off to Cinque Terre

After a great Brunch we set  off for a 4 hour drive to Cinque Terre National Park on the Mediterranean.  None of us have been there so we are looking forward to it.  It is Sunday so there is almost no traffic as the big trucks are not allowed on the highways unless they carry parishables […]

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