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Around Lake Garda

A drive around Lake Garda is slow but rewarding.  One town is more beautiful than the next.  Each villa is bigger and more ornate with a nicer park and a longer driveway than the next, each residence more secluded and more beautiful.  Absolutely stunning and breathtaking. We are so glad that we decided take the […]

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Meanwhile in Italy..

By lake Garda a small family of whales was spotted wobbling towards a restaurant.  It’s been at least 6 minutes since our last meal, we have done a lot of hard work, lazing around the pool and having a 3 hour nap which of course requires more nourishment.  Tomorrow I will simply cut a hole […]

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Tenuta la Presa

Agriturismo at its best. Kasia and Volker know this little place called Tenuta La Presa.  It is a winery that is also a hotel with a proper pool and marble floors and clean everything.   There is a wine rack in the lobby and a set of glasses and you are free to drink and […]

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We made a terrible mistake!

PBC, PBC – Pretty Bad Call, Pretty Bad Call.  We booked a quaint little place on Lake Garda Peninsula.  Surround by lake views from 3 sides this seemed like an idyllic little place to relax for a bit.  Well that is what the internet listing said. What is should have said is this:   When […]

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Lake Garda

Lake Garda is simply stunning.  Imagine Lake Louise but 52 km long.  Imagine it surrounded by towering maples and  skinny Tuscan cedars.  Imagine it peppered with small towns and old castles and miles and miles or wineries and olive trees. That’s Lake Garda – we can’t wait to check in after a short 5 hour […]

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