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Going Back

So after almost 30 years I am back in the city I grew up in. While a lot has changed it here, not much really did. In the end it is really all a matter of perspective.  What seemed bright, huge and wonderful as I remembered it, is now aged, dull and all plastered in […]

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Everything & the kitchen sink

Our quest  for champagne wishes and caviar dreams continues.  We are still looking for that elusive old town penthouse with a large terrace overlooking the river or the castle or both.  So far no dice.  Things are further complicated by certain conditions we were not aware of: 1. Preferred rental term is – forever or until death, whichever comes […]

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On Italy

I could never understand why Italians have such admiration for Alonso, Schumacher or Gilles Villeneuve – some of the great drivers that graced Ferrari with their skills. Italy produces some of the best sport cars in the world.  Bugatti, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia and Lamborghini just to name a few, but  are there no Italian drivers capable […]

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Bylaws are good

Lord thundering Jesus.  I never thought I would say this but I do now see the benefits of bylaws.  I say the more the better.  Edmonton is said to be the king of bylaws and everyone always complains about it.  This is what happens to a city that has little to no bylaws.  This is […]

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