Everything & the kitchen sink

Our quest  for champagne wishes and caviar dreams continues.  We are still looking for that elusive old town penthouse with a large terrace overlooking the river or the castle or both.  So far no dice.  Things are further complicated by certain conditions we were not aware of:

1. Preferred rental term is – forever or until death, whichever comes first.  Few people are interested in renting something for 1 year.

2. Some apartments come with no kitchen.  When people move they take the kitchen and by kitchen I mean everything including the kitchen sink.  You end up with a room with a bunch of pipes sticking out.  CRAZY!

3. Perceived notion of what a home should look like vs what is looks like is usually diametrically opposed.

4. Majority of people in Germany rent, so if something pops up that looks good, it is usually rented by the time we finish dialling the number – its complicated.

5. Location, location, location – if the house is more than 3 streets away from the bakery – its useless to an average German

6. North and East sides of cities are usually more desirable.

7. Parking is optional when you rent a flat or it comes at a premium.


Undaunted we relentlessly persevere!



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