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Thank you

We are setting off to go back to Nuremberg.  We are saying good bye to our great hosts the Karnath family in Pruszcz Gdanski.  Not only were they gracious enough to offer us a roof over our heads and feed us 10 meals a day  but Kasia’s mom also helped me get the paper work […]

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Quintessentially Polish

Storks are quite ubiquitous in Poland, they are revered and loved in Poland – unlike the post Soviet area bureaucracy which still lingers around like a nasty smell.  Today I had to take another stab at it and try and file some papers, to get the papers I actually need.  To do this however, I […]

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Kasia’s Birthday

Today, Kasia is turning 29 again. There was a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate this momentous occasion.  We were quite exhausted after a full day of walking around so it was nice to just sit down and relax for a bit, listen to some crazy travel stories, eat a great dinner and […]

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Going Back

So after almost 30 years I am back in the city I grew up in. While a lot has changed it here, not much really did. In the end it is really all a matter of perspective.  What seemed bright, huge and wonderful as I remembered it, is now aged, dull and all plastered in […]

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