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Villa Borghese

Our schedule for today is very relaxed.  A nice stroll through the Borghese gardens towards the Spanish Steps and a bit of shopping.  The Borgheses were  a wool merchant family from  Sienna.  The head of the family, Marcantonio, moved to Rome in 1541 and this Sienese family rapidly gained access to the upper echelons of Roman […]

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Revisiting Rome

After the morning museum trip and an extensive siesta from the unyielding and relentless heat, we set out for a lap around Rome.  Last time we were here the Trevi Fountain was being renovated and cleaned, which apparently is done once every 50 years or so. There are over 2000 fountains in Rome but this one […]

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Aix-en-Provence name comes from a Roman consul, Sixties Calvinus, who gave his name to Aquae Sextiae, “the Baths of Sixties,” a site of thermal springs in 123BC. Aix-en-Provence has about 140,000 residents and is generally considered a university town.  There are great many sights to see here.  The Cours Mirabeau is a wide thoroughfare, planted with […]

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Good Night Arezzo

We went out to Arezzo one more time.  First because there is a great pizza place we wanted to check out and second because we really wanted to have another go at Paradiso Gelato – some shopping seemed in order as well.  Arezzo being one of the more affluent cities in Tuscany has a lot […]

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Retail Break

It is a very short drive from Ljubljana to Treviso through a beautiful and winding mountain highway. We are taking a short break for a bit of shopping and an espresso at Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet.  While we only stopped to get some shoes for the kids, Evelina once again made off like a […]

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Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is one of those crazy places that is: always busy, has wonderful displays and is not cheap.  It is the kind of place you go to  to find that perfect Dolce & Gabbana dress or coat or a suit for your 4 year old.  It is a place where everything is larger than life, where you […]

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Emporia is one of Scandinavia’s biggest shopping malls located near Malmö Arena and Hyllie railway station in Malmö in southern Sweden.  Architecturally stunning inside and out, we stopped by to check it out and relax a bit before heading back to Denmark.  

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Flea Market

No French town would be complete without the Sunday flea market. Since stores are closed on Sundays, people flock to these things to find their treasures. This flea market happens to be the second biggest flea market in France. While 80% of what we saw was junk, and 20% were little treasures, we managed to […]

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We are out looking for furniture, for the house we don’t have yet, to bring it in the car we have not bought with the German bank account that is yet to be activated.  So really no change form last week, but we are planning, just in case we do get approved for the apartment […]

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This is a public service announcement!  Things to remember.  Never, ever got to Marktkauf or any other grocery store, I would imagine,  in Germany at 5:30pm.  Imagine Costco a week before Christmas, with incoming snow storm of a millennium, and everything in the store  is 99% off.  Now, multiply this by a 100 and there […]

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Going Shopping

First day in Germany.  Moving on to plan A – getting over the jet lag.  Promptly, in accordance with the said plan we got up at 3:30 local time, which is well in line with local Edmonton time.  After a quick coffee and breakfast we managed to get out of the house for a quick […]

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