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St. Alexander’s Church

Getting out of the house for a walk is the only remedy for not just sitting and eating and eating and eating.  We got out for another afternoon walk to work up an appetite and to explore more of Warsaw.    On the Three Crosses Square surrounded by  Hugo Boss, Burberry, Church’s, Ermenegildo Zegna, Max Mara, Coccinelle, W. Kruk, JM Weston, […]

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Churches in Warsaw

On our short walk through the Old Town in Warsaw we walked by no less than 9  or 10 churches.  Each nicer then the last. Some were empty, some were full of visitors, while others were at worship, some still were full of well wishers for the newly weds. Each different and unique with its […]

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Stary Dom

We will file this under – what were we thinking eating this much?  Stary Dom is an old charming restaurant in Warsaw, Mokotów.  The service is good, the food is amazing and the desserts are to die for.  On the menu, steak tartar, zurek, wild boar roast, roasted duck and baked salmon.  Next time we […]

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We have arrived

Despite our prefuse protests, we are 7 months in and in Poland for the 3rd time.  However, having said that, this is the first time we are here for holidays.  No passports, no paper work, no government offices to visit.  We did an afternoon run leaving Nuremberg at 1:30pm and arrived in Warsaw at 8:40pm […]

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Often Imitated..

.. but never duplicated.  I think today I found the missing link and the explanation as to why some Eastern European women wear carrot tops on their heads, and they do it with such pride. “Words are very un-necessary” here so just click through and shake your head in disbelief.  

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Bylaws are good

Lord thundering Jesus.  I never thought I would say this but I do now see the benefits of bylaws.  I say the more the better.  Edmonton is said to be the king of bylaws and everyone always complains about it.  This is what happens to a city that has little to no bylaws.  This is […]

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Storming of Warsaw

There is much that can be said about navigating the Polish bureaucratic maze and perhaps even more that shouldn’t be said about the same. I have to say that while no one is particularly helpful about what we need to do, everyone is exceptionally nice and polite about it.   I feel like we are […]

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To Poland and Back

Today we are going to Warsaw!  For me it is a first trip back to Poland in 29.5 years.  For us, as a family, it is the first trip to Poland.  We are going to be staying in Loziska just outside Warsaw with Anna’s cousin Robert.  The drive itself is about 960km but we managed […]

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