The Slow Race

We are going to Ai Casoni which is the same Agriturismo we stayed at when Anna’s parents were here.  It is a lovely little place with amazing food, hosts and atmosphere.  Last time we were here we came from Ljubljana-  today we drove right from Nuremberg.  As we planned our way down, part of the road goes through the mountains which is nothing new as we have driven though the mountains in Austria and in Italy.  Once we got off the highway we realized what kind of road this was going to be, it was less of a road and more of a race track that would put Nürburgring to shame.  Basically this is about 180 km of twists and turns and hairpins with a mountain on one side and an abyss on the other with some guard rails in place.  Think of it as Highway 1A between Banff and Lake Louise but about 180km long with a 1400 m elevation change and about 1000 turns and hairpins and full of small villages perched to the side of the mountain with spectacular views where every 2 to 5 km you can stop for a nice espresso and a lovely slice of homemade cake.  It is just like that.  Even though the posted speed is 70km/h in some places, most of the driving was done at 25 to 50km/h.  The equipment the locals take on this road is exotic too.  We saw a convoy of 3 screaming red Ferrari’s, a 348, 360 and a Testarossa, a host of Porsches and Audi’s RS, R8 v10 Cabrio and a lot of motorcycles – having fun.  The views are spectacular, the scenery is breathtaking and if you have a convertible and time to burn the road to Cortina is a wonderful adventure you should explore, as long as you don’t plan on doing it fast…










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