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Sant’Anna in Camprena

Sant’Anna in Camprena is in the heart of Tuscany – about 6km from Pienza.  It is a monastery from the 15th century perched on the top of hill with spectacular views of the rolling Tuscan hills.  The buildings are beautiful, the garden is huge and the food is simply amazing.  Having said that this place would be nothing if it […]

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Farewell Villanova

We are saying farewell to Agriturismo Villanova.  We had great time here, we had great rest, amazing breakfasts and met some great people from Wurzburg of all places – what a small world!  Everyone’s favourite pet here is Giro, in Italian Geeeero, you really got to stretch that ‘E’.  After Chateau de Varenne, I think this is […]

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Day of Rest

It is not like we have strained ourselves yesterday but it is early days on our Italian adventure so we are taking it easy.  We never got up early enough to get to the bakery so we had fruit for breakfast.  After breakfast –  the pool from 10 am to 7:15 pm with an occasional […]

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Pool Time

Today, we are proud to say, we have done nothing at all.  We drove down to the village to have breakfast the local bakery.  We stopped by a shop to get some milk, cheese and salami and on the way back up we also stopped at a fruit stand and bought half a trunk of […]

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Buccia Nera – Italy

Unlike our last trip to the middle of nowhere in Italy where we got lost on a deserted gravel country road in the middle of night with bats flying around – and no cell signal today the expedition went a lot better.  We are still in the middle of nowhere, high up on the mountain […]

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Bye Bye Italy

We had a wonderful stay at Agriturismo ai Casoni – honestly if we could we would stay there a few more days.  This truly is an amazing place, a mom and pop operation that prides itself on great service, amazing food and wonderful atmosphere.  Helped by their 3 kids, all off of whom work in the kitchen, […]

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For the rest of us not taking part in the water fight, we simply just sat around on our porch – enjoying a quiet evening in a peaceful and serene Italian countryside with spectacular views at Agriturismo ai Casoni.  To the right are the mountains, in front is an old country house, to the left […]

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Water Fight

At 5pm, when we were coming home from Treviso, it was still 26C outside and very humid.  The best solution for that would be to cool off in the pool which was a bit cold still, so the children went for the second best option – a water fight.  There were no winners in this […]

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Tenuta la Presa

Agriturismo at its best. Kasia and Volker know this little place called Tenuta La Presa.  It is a winery that is also a hotel with a proper pool and marble floors and clean everything.   There is a wine rack in the lobby and a set of glasses and you are free to drink and […]

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