Getting Robbed

As tourists, we are usually very conscious of our surroundings.   There are places in Europe where you see the pick pocket warnings – mostly in larger cities around the main tourists sites.  Getting robbed is not something anyone wants to experience, getting robbed willingly is a different story all together.  This brings me up to Caffe Florian in Venice.  This place is on the list of the 10 best Cafes to visit in the world and last time we were here we walked right by it, not even realizing  that we missed it.  Well, today we came here and decided not to experience it.  Unlike New Your Cafe in Budapest or Cafe Imperial in Prague, which we thought were  spectacular and nice respectively, Caffe Florian like Caffe Greco in Rome is best left unvisited.  St. Tropez in our view was always one of the most expansive places where we had coffee.  Four iced coffees, 2 juices and 2 pops came to about €50 which we thought was insane.  It appears that St. Torpez  is really a welfare spot compared to some of the prices at Caffe Florian in Venice.  Espresso is €6.5, cappuccino with whipped cream is €12, coffee in a press is €15 that is about $23.00 for a cup of filtered coffee, €10 for a can of coke or €8 for a glass of water.  One of our favourite drinks is a Bellini – here €30 each and the list goes on and on and on.  It is one thing to be exclusive and posh but this is just silly.  On top of these insane prices you also pay €6.00 each for live music.  The place has no hot kitchen so most food is either finger food or it is microwaved.  We figured that for what we had in Budapest at New York Cafe would cost us about €210.00 at Caffe Florian, that’s about $340.00 for a couple of drinks, a coffee and a couple of desserts. It is a small wonder that the place was empty, with only a handful of seated tables outside, in fact there were more waiters standing and doing nothing  and tourists like us taking pictures of the place than there were customers enjoying what we would consider a typically un Venetian experience.







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