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Getting Robbed

As tourists, we are usually very conscious of our surroundings.   There are places in Europe where you see the pick pocket warnings – mostly in larger cities around the main tourists sites.  Getting robbed is not something anyone wants to experience, getting robbed willingly is a different story all together.  This brings me up to Caffe […]

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The Bell Tower

Another item on our agenda today was the bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica which is one of Venice’s most recognizable landmarks. The current tower is an early 20th century reconstruction of the original tower which completely collapsed in 1902.  The tower took 10 years to rebuilt and it is an exact replica of the […]

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St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica is the most famous of the city’s churches and one of the best known examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. It lies at the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco, adjacent and connected to the Doge’s Palace. Originally it was the chapel of the Doge, and has only been the city’s cathedral since 1807. Know for […]

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Local Art

Venice is famous for its glass, colourful and ornate.  You can buy just about anything you can imagine made out of glass, from candies and cakes to animals, to pencils and cufflinks.  You can also get some good street art.  While a lot of it is simply printed there are some local artists that actually […]

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There are some 190 churches in Venice.  To see them all in one day or even a week is mission impossible.  There are churches dedicated to all sorts of saints and holidays and important historical events you can imagine. ” The plague  is over” – let’s celebrate and built a church – literally.  To make […]

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Around Venice

Some 60,000 people live in  historical Venice, while Venice proper houses some 270,000 people.  Historical Venice is built on wooden piles which were driven into the seabed and unto which the foundations of the buildings were build on.  There are some 486 bridges in Venice we walked on 29 of them.  Everything here is different, […]

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We are going to Venice this morning for a day.  There are a number of ways of getting there, but since we have a car we going to drive across the Liberty Bridge and park at the first available parking garage.  Parking in Venice is interesting.  We pulled into the first parking garage which has […]

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