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Our second stop is Vernazza which is a short train ride. First records recognizing Vernazza as a fortified town date back to the year 1080.   This village is completely different.  It has a different vibe, it is layer out differently with limited access to the water but it is perched more on the mountain […]

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French Trains

In short awesome. On our way back after a bit of wondering around Paris we settled in our comfy seats in the first class. This time we were served dinner which was: pasta salad with tomatoes, goat cheese and broad green beans. Grilled beef with rice and vegetable ratatouille. For dessert lemon tart. Wine, water, […]

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Amateur Travellers

We are so un-familiar with train travel in Europe. We set an alarm to make sure we don’t miss our stop this time, which would have been hard to do since it was the end of the line for the first train. We had a nice lunch in Stuttgart, and 10 min into our trip […]

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Malmo – Old Town

Malmo has two distinct districts, the old town which is not very traditional or conventional  in the sense of old European towns.  The other part is The Western Harbour which is being built on the peninsula and is ultra modern. Since the construction of the Öresund bridge, linking Sweden to Denmark,  Malmö has undergone a major transformation with […]

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Conquering Sweden

We are off to Sweden today.  We are going to explore a costal town of Malmö, Sweden.  It is the third largest town in Sweden by population and since we are not driving up to Stockholm this should be a experience.  We are also going to make this a train trip, leaving the car behind in […]

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ICE Train

It’s official.  We are finally going to go and pick up our car.  We booked the train to Nordhausen for this coming Thursday.  We are taking the ICE train which is the German equivalent of the bullet train.  We are looking forward this experience. After all, its been at least 15 years since I took […]

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